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Shipping Policy

What is GRITPRO'S Convenience Fee?

1) Convenience fee is a service charge levied under one of the following circumstances:

a. Apparel/ personal care orders below are certain value.

b. Towards providing platform services pre and post order including but not restricted to higher than average returns.

2) If the order is lost or undelivered to customer’s preferred location, the complete order amount will be refunded, including the convenience fee, if paid online.

3) If a customer cancels or returns an order, Convenience Fee will not be refunded. For accounts whose return behavior does not adhere to our fair usage policy, Convenience fee will be non-refundable irrespective of order value*.

*Order value is calculated after applying discounts/VAT/GST or any other applicable charges.

How do I check the status of my order?

Please tap on “My Orders” section to check your order status.

How are orders placed delivered to me?

All orders placed on are dispatched through our tied up courier service.

What is the delivery time after I place the order?

All orders are delivered at your doorstep within 5-7 working days.